Stand for what you believe but know when to sit back………

We all have our opinions of how we think things should be in life. To living a healthy lifestyle or living it with junk food and the remote. To saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school or taking it away. To saying chicken should be baked instead of fried. Shaken and not stirred. Pretty much everything in life has our own opinions. That is what makes us unique. It is what makes progress in the world. It brings change and hope. It also brings conflict, deceit, and hostility.

I think everyone should stand up for what they believe in. I have a few beliefs I project out. My biggest is “keep moving forward.” I honestly think that we should always strive to move forward and not be victims of the past. Keep moving forward to the success you want to fulfill instead of holding yourself back. Keep moving forward even if you are crawling and digging your way to the next step. Then, of course, there are other things I stand for when they arise in conversation or social media, for example, animal cruelty, rape, child abuse, bullying, religion, politics, etc…….. I will say my peace and fight for what I think is right. We should be this way. Stand strong for good causes. Fight against things that may bring harm. Even if the fight is only baked and not fried.

Standing for what you believe gives something to the community and yourself. But……..being too strong of a fighter is counter productive. There are times you need to sit back and stop. If you are fighting for a law that will better the community then you go all they way and keep fighting. If you are fighting to prove a point that will do nothing other than just prove a point, then you may want to stop. I know that pride gets in the way and you have to be right but why? It is worth getting all riled up and stressed out because someone doesn’t see it your way? Is it worth feeling anger towards someone you really care about because they just aren’t getting it? Is it worth losing something more important than the original battle?

Sometimes you need to swallow the pride, suck up the loss, and just move on. What we can lose in the long run over what we are fighting for in the short run is not worth it. There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself and others. There is nothing wrong with supporting a view you believe in. There “is” something wrong when you have to prove or fight so much that you hurt others in the wake. If you are losing people over an opinion, it may be time you sit back.



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