Motivational Speaking / Life Coach

Speaking Engagements 

I would love to speak to you, ten, or one hundred people! I do both small and large groups. Are you, your colleagues, or students needing a motivational boost? Is there a certain topic of discussion you would like to focus on? Are you looking for motivation for personal development or your business? I am happy to see if I can be the one to get you on the right track. Please send me a message and we can discuss what you are looking for. Prices vary on group size and program. You can message me here.

Motivational and Life Coaching

Do you need support taking the first steps to finding a better you? Do you need a shoulder to lean on? Do you need a personal support partner to help guide you? Do you need someone to hold you accountable without judgement? Let me help coach you.  I will coach, support and help you the best I can to guide you on the right path.  It will take commitment from you along with determination to follow through.  Sometimes, we just need a cheering partner and a bit of support to get us through.  I will do that with you and be there when you accomplish your goals and give you a big high five and ‘Way To Go’ at the end!!!!

Send a message to me here and lets get started.   If you have goals you want to achieve, a decision you want to make, a turn in direction…………… let me help guide you there. Prices vary for hourly, weekly, or monthly sessions. You can’t achieve anything without first taking a step so take that step and lets get started!

Note: I specialize in personal coaching. I love to help the struggling mom, the ambitious young adult, the anxious or chronically ill positive seeker, the life questioning middle aged worker, and every one else needing a boost. I prefer to refer out business/financial planning and nutritional coaching. I do, however, coach employees and wellness with motivation and inspiration!

Disclaimer:  This is not legal advice.  This is personal coaching only. All content is provided for information and education purposes only. Individuals wishing to make changes to their dietary, lifestyle, exercise or medication regimens should do so in conjunction with a competent, knowledgeable medical professional. Anyone who chooses to apply the information does so of their own volition and at their own risk. Toni Dowrey and/or Finding You accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm – real or imagined – from the use or dissemination of information contained here. If these conditions are not agreeable to you, you are advised to not continue.

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