Create your balance….

I am back from some much needed time off. I had “fun time” and worked on getting a couple of projects caught up that I needed to focus on. Too many things at one time is not always a good thing. Sometimes we need to slow down to catch up. Which brings me to this blog. Balance! We need to┬álive with┬ábalance in order to thrive. We often hear or have said that we need to find balance in our life. If we try to find balance, we will not find it. Balance is not something you can seek. Balance is something you need to create!

If you are feeling out of sorts, it could be your balance. We tend to have too much of one thing that tips the scale out of sync. Too much work. Too much stress. Too much to do. Too much time. Too much driving. Too much of anything is not good for your harmony. You need to balance it out. You need to create the balance to find more peace in life and feel structured.

You need to remove a little of something and add something else. For instance, if you are working 50 hours a week, getting burned out, and missing your family… you need to set aside quality family time to balance out what is missing. If you are not able to lower your work hours, schedule a few hours just for family. Maybe 30 minutes a night after dinner or 3 hours on a weekend. Use the time wisely. I don’t mean just sitting in the house with them but play a game, go see a movie, go to the park, or take a drive together to somewhere different.

If you are always in the car driving places, take a few minutes a day to walk and get the legs moving. If you are not working and have too much time on your hands, volunteer a day or two a week. If you are constantly busy, take time to relax and bring yourself back to ground zero. You need to work at creating balance. It is your life. You create what is in it. It is all with the choices you make that will bring balance in your life. When we are balanced, everything else seems to fall into place. When we get tipped too much one way, we need to correct that.

Don’t get frustrated if it all doesn’t just line up perfectly. It is effort to get it started and once you do, it will be easily fixed when it falls out of place. Everything good in our lives takes a little work to get there. Once you get this down and know what you need to eliminate and what to increase, you will find balance in everything you do. It is worth creating balance to have a sense of calm and peace. You are what you create.

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