Fall is the time for change………..

Summer is on it’s way out and fall is just around the corner. Change is everywhere right now. Kids are going back to school and meeting new friends. We will be spending more time indoors. Snowbirds are making plans to head out. Flip flops are traded for socks and boots. Football season is here and holidays will be soon upon us. The change of season is here.

It is also the time where the warm air turns colder. The greens leaves turn color and start to fall. The lively life of summer months now prepares for the winter slumber. The world of nature around us quiets down, unwinds, and starts to rest after months of play and activity. The lakes become bare. The animals go into hiding. The birds fly away. The earth slows it’s pace and rejuvenates it’s self for the new life in spring. We need to do the same.

Use the time of fall to reflect on your life. Look around you and take it in. Are you happy with your life? Are there changes you want to make? Have you been putting things off that you need to work on? Is your life balanced? Are you taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority? Are you helping others and giving some of yourself to better someone else? This is the time of year to make changes in your life. Flow with the changes and work on them. When the rest of the world is a slumber, you will be preparing for the new life in the spring.

Any time of the year is a great time to make good changes in your life but fall is the best place for me to focus on what needs to be done. You can feel the changes around you in the air so why not make the changes in your life to better you? We are coming to the end of the year. Close it out with positive changes. Don’t make change hard, make it a season. I wish you all the best this fall season and may you enjoy the season of change. 🙂

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