Are you holding yourself back?

You want change!  You think about it, you dream about it and you focus so much attention on it.  BUT………….. do you do anything about it?  What steps are you making to get the change you want?  Dreams are great and I encourage them but you have to do something about it in order to make it happen.  You can’t focus on something and leave it at that. AND…………………. stop thinking and start doing!

What is holding you back?  YOU!  You may be saying, “Now wait a minute!  I am NOT holding myself back.  ______________ is holding me back!”  What is __________________?  Money, your job, your health, your spouse, parents, friends, LIFE?  No, it is YOU!  You have to want change so bad you make time for it and do something about it.  You can make up all the excuses you want but in the end, it is what you were NOT willing to do that held you back.

So many stories of wonderful outcomes that have happened to unexpected people.  The homeless girl who got a full ride through college, the college drop out who is one of the wealthiest men on earth, the veteran who could hardly walk who started a yoga program and became a runner, the forty something year old woman who is a cheerleader for a NFL team or the overweight man who ate Subway sandwiches and changed his life.  I am not saying you will be wealthy and be cured of an illness but these are people who did not give up.  They set out to do something and kept pushing on.  Whether it be hard work or positive energy and faith.  You would be amazed at what your mind can actually do to get you in a new situation and out of one that is not working for you.  Some people succeed to greatness and others just another day.  As long as you keep pushing, you are doing something.  No one knows what the outcome will be of what we set out to do, but there will be an outcome.  Make it a great one.

No blaming!  Blame is a waste of time and does no good.  Don’t blame your boss, your landlord, the government, the world………………………  This will keep you in a bad state of life.  It will bring anger, resentment, depression and fear.  Take control of what you can and take steps to get out of the situation you want to change.  Example…………….. If you are out of work and blaming the world because you can’t find a job, are you really looking?  Are you applying to everything you can and taking steps each day to look and apply for jobs?  Are you prepared for interviews?  Are you on time and well dressed?  Are you researching the places you are applying for?  Yes, it is very hard to find a job in today’s market so you need to be at the top of the game.  Have someone go over your resume and check for errors or add information.  Practice answering questions that would be asked in an interview.  If you keep trying, you will get a job.

Are you trying to find new housing, lose weight, save money, start a business or just change your attitude?  You can do it.  You are the way to the change.  The frustrating part is the change is not happening soon enough.  We want it NOW!  But, take steps everyday to work on and do it.  Little steps to help you get to where you want to be and it will happen.  Do not give up.  Do not lose sight of the goal and do not let negative get in your way.  Small steps come with big reward.  Do not hold yourself back any longer.  Do not let ANYTHING hold you back.  You are the change! Now go out and put action to your thoughts and make that change!

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