Dreams are not only for sleeping…………

Dream.  Dream BIG!!!!  Dreaming for a better tomorrow is healthy.  It is not a foolish thing to do, as some say.  The ones who say this live lives to the standard.  Why be the standard?  Why not be better?  Why not reach out for something big?  Dreams are healthy.  Many studies have shown that setting goals is something people should do.  Is a dream and a goal not related?  Of course they are.  First…….. you need the dream.  Then……… you need to set goals on how to reach that dream.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight if this a dream that needs work.  Most success stories are not overnight stories.  They are the rarity.  Many dreams come true by hard work, let downs, struggles and time.  Use that time.  It takes many small steps to get to the big accomplishment.  Those small steps are your building blocks.  Your foundation.  Don’t be upset, ready to give up and thinking it won’t happen when hard times come or setbacks occur.  They are giving you a stronger foundation to build your dream on.  You need that foundation to keep the dream from collapsing.  Every step you make toward your dream, is an accomplishment.

Some dreams may take a week to accomplish.  Maybe a month or maybe a few years.  Whatever the timeline, it will be worth it.  I know a man whom I recently saw and noticed he had lost some weight.  I mentioned it to him and in our discussion he said he was up to walking ten miles.  Wow.  I was happy to do a 5k which is only 3.1 miles.  Here he is walking TEN!  He was working on a goal to walk 500 miles in Spain in 2015.  He is in his late forties/early fifties.  I am not really sure.  Do you ask a man his age?  Anyway, he is starting now and know it will take a year to work on reaching his goal.  He started off small, has increased and will continue to get to 500 miles.  It takes will, effort and determination.

You can have a dream of owning a restaurant, being a CEO of a major corporation, losing 25 pounds or passing a class.  Whatever the dream is, start making small goals to reach that dream.  Do not make one large goal.  You need to make many small goals and keep doing this until you have made your dream come true.   No dream is too big or too small.  They all count.  They all matter and they all need to be accomplished.

On your road of fulfilling your dream, you may even discover that it turns you into a different direction.  Maybe something you never even thought of and turns out to be better than what you were originally thinking of doing.  You never know where dreams will take you.  They are exciting when you sleep, and even better when you are awake.  Keep dreaming!


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