Unity is a Choice…….

We were born with no choices. We weren’t able to choose to be American, African, Asian, or any other nationality. We didn’t have the choice of hair, eye, or skin color. We couldn’t decide what sex we would be. We were just born how we were with what was given to us.

As we grow, we get choices. We decide what we like and don’t like. We choose how we live our lives. We choose to attend school and be educated. We choose what job we will do for a living. We choose where we will live. Of course, life alters plans and we do what we can at where we are. I am talking in general that after birth we are able to live by choices we make.

What bothers me about the world today is the division that surrounds us. The way people choose to separate us. We are put into groups. We are labeled. We are not human. We are Right. We are Left. We are gay. We we straight. We are white. We are African Americans. We are transgender. We are rich. We are poor. We are haters and snowflakes drinking the lemonade.

We have had a black president (the highest position in the United States of America!), gay and transgender actors, women in political positions, and then there is Oprah! We have moved on in so many areas in this life. People are successful and raising the bar in many areas. Yet, we still have people holding us back.

There has been no slavery in our lifetime. None of us are to blame for this anymore. Our forefathers did not make the best decisions with humanity but we cannot be to blame for what they did many years ago. We are to be blamed for our current actions. We, also, do not owe anyone anything for what we did not do. We all need to let go of what we had nothing to do with.

White people also should not feel superior to other colors of skin. All countries had their own colors, way of life, and genetics before we started mixing them up. We are equal to everyone on this planet and especially in our country. We all have the rights, ability, and opportunity as the next guy (or gal). Our color of skin does make us better or less than anyone.

We are human! We are all just people trying to get through this thing called life. We all have our own battles and trials we fight. We should not be fighting over labels or placing people in them. We should be helping and lifting each other. We should not be hurting and putting people down.

When you die, you die! Your money, material items, or success does not go with you. But your attitude and the way you lived will be left behind. It would be nice if we can be known for our help and generosity. Bringing people together instead of dividing us apart. Lending a hand instead of knocking someone down. Showing love to all instead of spreading hate.

We are people. We are human. We need to be united and not divided. Where are you in this?

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