My apologies!!!

To those who sent me legitimate messages on my website, thank you! I apologize for not responding but I had a terrible SPAM issue and had to delete ALL messages that came in. I was not ignoring you and I appreciate your responses. Please feel free to try again if you need a response.

I have been avoiding my blogs. Not on purpose but because life is crazy and I have so much going on that I had to give somewhere. I will work on getting back to this soon. I am writing my second self-help book and then after that, I am looking into writing fiction!! I am pretty excited about that. I will always be there to help people and I am currently now a Certified Life Coach. I am taking a few more courses to better what I can do to assist in this area. If you are looking for a Life Coach, please message me. I do not have my rates listed yet but I will never deny anyone now before I launch this off.

So, please look at my daily quotes on my Facebook page. The link is on my website to click. Also, please like the FB page and share! I look forward to blogging on a regular basis. I have so much I will be bringing to the table. You all take care and talk back soon!!

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