The power to keep going………

No one said that┬álife was going to be simple and easy, but sometimes it seems like there is no break. Right when one thing ends, something else begins. Sometimes you may get a chance to take a breath but usually you feel like you are just being suffocated. Why won’t things let up? Why do things keep happening to you?

It is not just you. It may feel like it is but there are many people who feel the same way. I have my share, too. I keep saying that with all these trials I keep getting, God is just preparing me to be a really good angel with a big job when I get there. It helps me to look at it that way rather than to fall apart. But I have my moments when I just want to throw my hands up and say, “Forget it!” There are times where I am really tired and worn out. I know others feel the same. We are only human. We also have power to keep going.

When our trials look so out of reach or too big to end, look at a different life that has a trial larger than yours. Every trial is different to each individual and some are so much worse than others, but it doesn’t mean they are not over bearing and difficult. Buying a home is stressful. Waiting for the approval of the offer, to getting all finances in order, to scheduling the packing and moving, to relocating possible jobs or schools, and starting over. Exciting, but very stressful.

The trial of losing a job and not knowing where the next check will come or to make ends meet. Applying for jobs but not getting any offers and feeling like time is running out. What do you do? This is very stressful. I look at these stressful situations but compared to losing your home in a tornado, trying to find a missing loved one, or watching someone (or yourself) battle cancer, they seem so trivial. I know they are stressful in our lives but I look at what others are going through and I think, how small is this compared to that? It helps me to realize that is smaller than it feels and there will be an outcome. Not sure what the outcome is, but it will keep me going.

When we see what others go through, we need to find the strength to get through, too. We need to find the power to keep putting that foot in front of the other. We need to find the power to keep the faith that a brighter future is up ahead. We need to find the power to believe there is a bigger plan than what we can see. We need to find the power to believe it will work out. We need to find the power to keep pushing through each day with more strength than we had the day before. We are all going to have hard times. We also have good times. We need to focus on both and push on to have more of the better.

When you want to throw in the towel and give up, take a breath. Stop and think of the good you have and how much worse someone else is having it. Say a prayer for those in a worse situation and find your own strength to keep moving forward.


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