How long do you try before you give up????

I talk a lot about not giving up.  Keep moving forward. Keep trying. Well, the question is, how long do you keep trying before enough is enough? That all depends. But let me tell you a story that may inspire you to keep trying for as long as it takes.

My dad was medically disabled at the age of 45 due to rheumatoid, degenerative arthritis. By the time he was 50 years old he was in a wheelchair.¬† His neck has been fused. He has had surgery on his hands, feet, knees, hips, and neck. His surgeries are numerous in number. He couldn’t drive anymore. He couldn’t walk anymore. He went through a depressive state. He is constantly in high pain. He lives in limited areas in my parents two story home. He wanted to give up many times on many things. It just didn’t seem possible anymore.

He tried walking many times and would do ok without the wheelchair on short spurts for quite a while and then it got to be too much so back to no walking. He didn’t drive for many years and relied on my mom to take him everywhere. His independence was gone. A man who worked hard and bought two homes for his family. Who helped with his girls sports. Went camping and fishing. Was a strong man who didn’t put up with being treated badly. Stood tall at 5’11” and had a strength about him. He was now dependent on others. The adjustment has been difficult.

He got a drivers permit a couple years ago. My mom, bravely, let him drive. I give her kudos for doing that because it was hard with my kids, I couldn’t imagine with my dad who hadn’t driven in 20 years and being fused in many places. But she did it like a trooper. Some close calls, but that can happen with anyone. He passed up trying for his drivers test. Fear of not passing. Fear of not being able to do the procedures correctly. Fear of failing and having the thought he would never drive again. And so he renewed his permit. He drove when my mom was available to be with him. Although¬† they go many places together anyway.

At 70 years old, my dad took his drivers test yesterday and passed with 94!!!!! He has his drivers license after 20 years of not having one. He has independence back in his life. He conquered his fear and set out to do it, and he did! It took him over 20 years of not giving up. In his down times of giving up hope, he pulled the little bits he had back in place to keep on trying. He let years of feeling like he would never get there, halt! He did it. He kept on. He didn’t give up. And he succeeded!

How long will take you? That is up to you and the situation. It could take a day, a month, a year or 20 years. But if you have the drive, you have the strength to succeed. Never give up!

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