Keep your faith and let you be the plan for others…..

My Sunday faith story…….. I was nervous moving away from my family and the state I have always lived in for 46 years. Moving to the other side of the United States. With a man I married two years earlier but never lived with. Knowing God was pushing me this direction I needed to do it. After getting here and the house we were buying fell through and the next one didn’t work out and then the NEXT one didn’t work and then the NEXT!!!?? What on earth? Never had I seen this. All different reasons from taxes to swamp land to another offer being accepted to whatever reason. Just crazy. We were really getting nervous that we would be homeless and the animals wouldn’t have a place to stay or we would have to find them new homes. It was a stressful and emotional time for 6 months. I kept telling my husband that there is a PLAN and we need to have faith that God is working on it. I was having a hard time keeping the faith but I kept believing something was working out. I HAD to believe this because it was too tough to think otherwise. My husband mocked me a couple times. Thinking life was just being hard and God didn’t have much to do with it. And then at the last moments of not having a place to live………. We offered on our current home. It was accepted and all went as planned. We were scared though as the first house was denied to us two days before closing. We had our doubts up until we actually signed and got the keys. And this home is great!!! The area, the people, the house, the yard. Open skies in farmland. Less snakes and bugs (including ticks). It was HIS plan. We were just going through limbo until this house was ready to go in the market. Being occupied until Walter was ready to sell. This wasn’t just about us. It was about Walter. He had a hard time letting go of his home of 60 years. Hard to say goodbye to this long life on this one street for 86 years. He needed a couple to buy his home who appreciated it and was soft with him and allowed him to come by and see the changes that were happening to the house he built so long ago. He needed us. He needed a new friend to take him from his grieving of his wife. He needed new light in a dark time. And he has that now. What we endure is for reasons. We may not always see them as we do here but there are reasons. Have patience. Be happy and keep the faith. His plan is way much larger than ours. And know sometimes the plan isn’t always just about you. You are needed in someone elses plan as well.


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