Exciting new things coming…………….

We are going to be making some changes this year and I am looking forward to them. Change can be good and things don’t improve if they always stay the same.

I will be expanding my technical skills and trying new things, for example Podcasts. I will continue with my video blogs but maybe not have them weekly and change it to bi-weekly. I will be posting more on my website but not so much just motivational blogs, but everything blogs. What I am feeling I want to share, I will. It is real, it is me, and it is changing. I will be polite but I may say some things that may offend some people. I will not be meaning to do this but we all have our own opinions and although we do not agree, it also does not mean we can’t be friendly or social. Our different views are what makes the world go round and makes beautiful things happen.

I will also be answering questions from anyone out there willing to ask. Remember Dear Abbey? Kinda of like that in a odd sort of way. I will be taking questions here on my website and on my facebook page that you can get to by clicking here. So, give me questions and I will answer one to two a week. If you need advice, motivation, a little encouragement, or a video request, I will be more than happy to guide you. And yes, you can remain anonymous.

We will be re-releasing my book Finding You and Your Direction: 11 ways to find the real you. This book is getting great reviews!! It is exciting to hear wonderful feedback. It is an easy to read book getting you on the right path in life. If you feel confused, lost, or just need motivation to go in a different direction, this book is for you. You can get your copy on by clicking here.

My new book is in the works. Are you the Nice Girl? Do you do everything for everybody but yourself? This new book is what you need to read. It will be available later in 2016 and be ready to change your life!

I am happy to share all of this news with you. I hope you are looking forward to the changes as much as I am. Please let me know your thoughts and I wish you all a wonderful day!!!


PS…… Don’t forget to send me your questions and I will get those answered online!


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