To complain or not to complain……….

Complaining has become a national pass time. It is so much easier to complain about something than try to fix it or accept it. In most cases, complaining gets you no where. It may feel good for the moment and getting it off your chest brings relief, but that is about it. Also, it would be safe to say that most people just don’t care to hear what you are complaining about anyway.

Do any of you have those friends on Facebook or Twitter who constantly complain? I know I have a few. But only a few! I try to keep that negative energy away from me. I do, however, have a few that post complaints 95% of the time. They complain about their job, where they live, what their family does, how much pain they are in, how they can’t sleep, how they will never get anywhere in life, how miserable they are. At first you feel sorry for them but the more it continues it is like, suck it up and move on! You can only take so much before it wears on you and you don’t want to hear it anymore.

Complaining gets you no where. Action or acceptance does. Some things cannot be changed and complaining is not going to make it better, so don’t. If you cannot change it, don’t complain, accept the way it is and move forward. If you don’t like something, and it can be changed, try to fix it. If you are unhappy with some service you had, you might want to issue a complaint so they can better their business practices. I am not talking about complaining about everything and being a brat about it. I am talking about constructive complaints that can help in the future of the business. If someone does something at work that isn’t right, don’t complain to your co-workers, confront the person and let them know so they may improve their skills. If someone at homes does something differently than the way you it and you want it done to your standard, thank them for what they did and explain how you would prefer it being done next time.

We live with negative all around us. Don’t be one of the people pulling others down with all your negative complaints. Be the one that pulls others up and tries to better them and yourself. We don’t need anymore Charlie Brown, “whah whah whah whah whah.” You know after a while that is what too much complaining sounds like.  Be constructive and polite with your complaints. Use a complaint to be an asset not a put down. We can complain about anything and improve nothing or we can complain about something and improve everything.

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