Stop complaining and take action~

I hear people complaining about their lives. They are broke. They are fat. They are unhappy. They hate their job. They are angry with someone. They never get a break. Complain, complain, complain. I also see them doing nothing about what they are complaining about.

If you are broke, stop buy frivolous items and start saving that money instead. If you are overweight, watch what you eat and start an exercise program. If you are unhappy, that is a choice you need to make inside. If you don’t like your job, apply for a new one. If you are angry with someone, confront them or move on. If you never get a break, do you appreciate the little things you do get?

You cannot complain and expect things to change. Complaining may make you feel good but it is a waste of time. The only thing that will make things better, is you! You need to make things happen. You need to make changes. You need to make a new path. You need to make choices that will better your life. If you want change, you need to make change happen. Change happens everyday but the best kind is the ones you decide to do willingly.

No more complaining and start taking action to things better for you. Three steps back can lead to one beautiful and successful step forward.

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