Dear Toni Tuesday……..

Dear Toni,

I have been trying to fulfill a dream for a couple of years now but it just isn’t happening. How long do you keep trying before you give up?


Dear R~

I give you kudos for following a dream and taking steps to achieve that goal. Good for you! Goals/dreams are very important to grow and achieving them is a wonderful feeling.

Some dreams take a while to achieve. Some can wear us out. Do we continue and not give up or do we just say enough is enough. How much longer can I keep trying? Is this not meant to be?

When to stop is up to you. You have to decide what direction you are going. Do you want to give up because it’s not worth your time to continue? Are you trying to reach something that isn’t meant to be? Are you being routed in a different direction but not seeing it?

There are so many questions but what is the answer? Only you know. When I wrote my book it took five years. Some can write a book in five months! Life happens. Move with it. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Don’t give up because of others. Do what you feel is right.

When striving for your dream to be a successful reality, keep your heart and mind open. Sometimes it might take many setbacks before you get there. Sometimes it’s not meant to be and you will be re-routed to something better. Sometimes it’s just right around the corner and don’t want to give up too soon. My advice, keep going. It’s ok to take a break if it gets too much but don’t quit. And it’s ok if you take a detour and go in a different direction. Sometimes what we want leads us to something different and that’s alright too.

Go your own pace and follow your heart. I wish you the best! Keep me posted!

Live life fully,

Toni Dowrey


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