Take Control………..

IMG_0588Many of us feel like our lives are out of control. Either nothing is getting done or it is spinning around in circles and we can’t do anything to stop it, slow it down, or get a grip on what is happening. Life is controlling what direction you are going, what you are doing, and it is taking away a lot of fun.

Humans like control.  Yes, some of us are “control freaks”! But having a little control is better than no control.  Even when you do not have control, you have control. So whatever control you can get, take it!

When you think you have no control, find it. You have some control in every situation. Lets say you are in a job you don’t like.  You have looked for other jobs with no success.  You don’t get paid much, your bills are piling up, and you just have no interest getting up and going to this job, again! But you have to because you need whatever money you can make and since you haven’t been able to get a different job, you are stuck here and you have no control over the situation. Find your control.

You can control your attitude. It may not be the job you want, but go to it everyday with a good attitude.  Be thankful you have that job and do your best when you are there.  The work you do is your signature to others.  Do a great job and let your work reflect on you.

You can control your finances. Money is tight and may get tighter but control your spending.  Make a budget and stick to it.  You will need to control all money to help you get out of this tight spot and during this time you need to pay  you.  Sounds crazy but even if it is ten dollars, pay yourself and start saving.  Control your money.

You can control your job searching. Set a goal to apply for three jobs a week. Check online, the newspaper or with friends who are hiring and apply to those jobs.  Check your resume and verify there are no errors, it is current, and it works for the job you are applying for. When you control your efforts, your efforts will eventually pay off.

This applies to all situations. We have many challenges we feel that take us over. Road blocks keeping you from reaching your goal? Find new ways to achieve it. Not losing weight? Find new foods to eat and exercises to do. Don’t like where you live? Save for a new place and set a goal of what you want. Put some control in your actions. Things don’t fall in place without some effort on your part.

We have more control than we give ourselves credit for.  We feel overwhelmed and give our situation all of the control when we actually have some control that we don’t take.  Control takes effort. Make the effort and take control. In all situations, we have control. Don’t let life control you, take control of your life.


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