Do not give up……………..

Life can be hard.  We all have had tough experiences we have had to go through in this journey called life.  Some tougher than others, but tough just the same.  We have all had dreams we have wanted to achieve but maybe something came in the way of that and we stop perusing for it to come true.  We have all wanted better in life with either a job, finances, living situations, or something else but came to face that it would never change and stop thinking that it could.  DO NOT GIVE UP!

Just because things may be hard now, or for the last five years, does not mean it will be this way tomorrow or in the next five years.  When you give up, you wither away. You slowly die inside.  Do not give up.  Do not give up on your dreams.  Do not give up on having a better life.  Do not give up on a new job, better finances or education.  Do not give up!  Get yourself yourself up, brush off your knees and stand tall and get moving.  One step at a time, you keep moving forward.  You keep trying until you have succeeded.  It may take some time.  You may get tired.  You may have to rest.  That is ok.  But then you get back up and keep moving to push through where you are.  Push through until you come out the other end with accomplishment.

It is when life is tough and you want to feel defeated is when you need to get back up again and say, “I will NOT give up!  I will NOT back down! I WILL succeed!”  Keep in mind that most successful people found the darkest and lowest times in their life the starting point to push on and keep going.  It is at the hard times that you find the strength to push on to get to the easier times.

We will have ups and downs all through life.  These are our trials.  These are what make or break us.  Don’t let them break you.  Let them bend you and let them maybe give you a limp, but do not let them break you.  Let them make you!  Let them make you be a stronger, healthier and successful person.  Let them challenge you and put you through the test.  Let them try to bust you up.  Then you show them how much they made you better.  Show them that you have what it takes not to give up.  Show them that you have what it takes to succeed.

You have what it takes to keep going.  You have what it takes to achieve your dreams.  You just need to keep plugging through and whatever you do………………… Do not give up!


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