Keeping faith in trial……..

Life can be hard. Very hard. We hear the quote, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. But the tough times are hard to get through. They can bring us to our knees. They can test everything we have inside to get through. They can crumble us. And if we let them, they can destroy us.

Faith is one of the greatest beliefs we can feel. Trusting that everything happens for a reason. Even if what is happening or has happened has been very tragic. The faith that the outcome will be for good even if the trial is unfair or devastating. It can be difficult to have faith. We see things in a human viewpoint and single out what we THINK is happening when, in fact, there is a larger picture we don’t see at all.

Trials form us and they form the life around us.  It can be from missing a meeting to losing a loved one.  It can be facing an illness or failing at a dream.  There are many trials around us.  Many of us face more than others. Don’t let it get you down, keep your faith.  Find the good and keep on moving.  Life may change us but find a way to work with it.  Find the bigger picture and do not let trials make you a victim in life, but a survivor who moves to something better.

I wish no ill will on anyone.  Whether it is a part of life or not, I just don’t want anyone to go through it. But some of us will. It is how we will get through it. There are people who have lost a loved one in a tragedy. The worst trial one can encounter in life. Yet the survivors continue life with faith of believing that something good came of it. Whether it be that their loved one left traces to catch the killer, set up a fund to help others, use this experience to overcome something else that was happening in life…… they find the good.  Not that it is good or fair for a person to lose their life, but that the life lost was not in vain and something good was created from the tragedy.

You cannot let bad things stay that way. Find the big picture. Let bad things turn to good things and never lose your faith.

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