Put your name on it!

Customer service, patient care, hospitality, and anything having to do with the association of people is lacking! Can we agree that a good word and a hand shake don’t much exist anymore? Back in the day it was everything. If you broke that trust there was hell to pay. Now, if you break that trust it’s a lawsuit and social media bashing but it’s such the norm now a days it means nothing. What a shame!

So many people want a paycheck but don’t want to put in the work to get it. They put in just enough to get their money and have a weekend. As long as the work is accepted, great! If it’s mediocre, but approved, wonderful! If it’s half way, but done just enough to skate by, all the better!

Why are we lacking in self pride or work ethic? Do we not care that others see us as mediocre, lazy, just enough, kind of people? Is that just enough for you? Because it’s not ok with me!

This needs to change. Now! And it can start with you!! I work hard on everything I do. My biggest critic …..  is me! I might be a perfectionist to a point but I am glad I am. It’s hard to be this way because it requires extra work. It requires paying attention to detail, thinking and rechecking, accommodating people’s needs, being a little stressed, and making sure you are doing your BEST job possible! Everything you do, you sign. Your signature is on everything you touch or say. How do you want your signature to read?

I remember when effort was put into many jobs. I remember that when customers were not well cared for you were written up or fired. Now, there are so many yelling about hard working conditions and low pay they can’t survive. Everyone is on edge of a lawsuit so the low quality worker is compensated just to keep peace while customer care is falling beyond acceptance.

No matter what you do, do it to the BEST of your ability. If you are an executive, be an example to your employees. Work hard, communicate effectively, and do it with a smile. If you are a retail worker, help your customers. Help find that right item, keep your area clean, and care for each person that comes your way. If you are a carpool mom, be the best one! Get the kids their safe, be a great start to their day, and give the kids happy memories.

No matter what you do, do it your BEST! We need more quality caring people in the world to bring back the proper term of customer service. You sign everything you do, so sign it with humble pride!


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