Live the positive when handed negative.

It’s easy to focus on the negative. It hurts. It is painful. It is emotionally draining. It seems to make more of an impact on us than the positive that seems to be light hearted and doesn’t weigh so much on us.  It also makes us lose sight of the good. Don’t focus so much on the bad that you lose sight of the good.

Today, as I was looking in the mirror, a beautiful insight came to me. I was actually shocked by the woman standing before me. Why did it take me so long to see her? For the last three and a half years I had been focusing on the why’s! Why did I get sick? Why can’t they figure this out? Why did it happen to me? Why did I have to leave my job I worked so hard to get? Why won’t it go away? Why do I have to live this way? I have no energy to write.  I have felt sorry for myself at the same time as pushing through.

Alrhough I have not liked my situation, I have been working with it. It took me a couple of years to find what works for me and what doesn’t. I still have a little ways to go and I am almost there but with doctors in western medicine not helping, it has been up to me to help myself. I found a diet that helped tremendously and I have recently discovered a couple other things to get me through. I don’t think I will ever be “cured” but I will be able to maintain my life.

So, being a person who became ill with chronic fatigue and pain after an acute thyroid issue that has since resolved, the doctors don’t know why nor have been able or willing to treat the problem. I have been doing my own research and self studies. While I exercised 5 days a week at intense level and worked 5 days a week full time at a job I loved, life stopped. I will go into that some other time.

Today I had a set back. I am out of energy. Starting to feel bad for myself having to live this way I took a shower late in the afternoon and looked in the mirror to put make up on. I caught a glimpse of my body and just stopped! Wow! Who was that girl looking back at me?

This person is amazing! No, she isn’t making booko bucks but she did just work 6 months without missing a day except a planned vacation!! That alone feels like 6 years with someone with chronic fatigue and pain. Upset to miss this day, she is planning another six months ahead.

She lost 20 pounds! After gaining 25 pounds when getting sick she was able to lose 20 pounds changing her eating and modifying her exercise. She may not run a marathon but she can walk a 5k.

She is inspiring others not to give up! Even when she falls she gets up and brushes it off. There are setbacks and disappointments but it will not stop her to keep moving forward and bringing others with her.

She is amazing! She has altered her lifestyle to meet her current situation. Not fighting the change but working with it. She is growing spiritually and mentally learning new ways in life.

She is a fighter! When she thought she had it tough before, it was preparing her for more. She will continue to fight and see light in the situation. The battles are hard but she is a warrior!

You may have a vision of what your life SHOULD be but you need to embrace what it IS! Live your life with everything. Not fighting it but moving with it. Not feeling bad and focusing on the negative but finding the positive and building on that. Our life is what we make it. We get handed something…… it’s up to us on how we deal with it.

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