It’s No Accident

“Wow! This world is crazy!”

We are hearing this more often now days. With the political battles, the race division, the cop issues….. it just seems that more aggressive behavior is on the horizon. Not just in the United States, but with other countries around the earth.

It seems there is so much anger. The media boasts on problems with our country and elected officials. It pushes division among race, leadership, and first responders. The environment feels tense. People seem to be acting irrational and appear to judge. People are convicted before even standing trial. Businesses cave to save face and their customers. Media is left to be untrue and dishonest.

Is the entire world mad? Is there no love left? No kindness or compassion for others? Is the human race just out to portray falseness on social media but behind closed doors live a lie of hate and negativity?

No! There is love! There is good! There is kindness and compassion! The problem….. It only seems to come around in times of tragedy. It doesn’t seem to stay on a regular basis. But, even then, you have people ridiculing others, procedures, or circumstances. Even then the evil will show its way out of darkness into our light.

My husband and I came upon a recent one car accident. A few people had stopped. My husband has worked in military medical for twenty-nine years so we pulled over to help.

A teenage black male was driving when he over corrected on the highway and ended up on the other side of the two lanes, facing the opposite direction, and stuck in a tree. His father was the front passenger. Why did I say black male? Because at the time it did not matter. At the time there were old, young, black, white, male, and female that were helping this situation.

There was no color. There was no gender. There was no age discrimination. There was no division. There was nothing but the hope of saving these two human beings in this moment. There was nothing but the human race working together to save other humans.

Why does there have to be accidents, tragedy, or horrific actions taken for us to be fully united? Why can we not unite now? Why are we still dividing ourselves by race, gender, age, and occupation? When we die, we will have nothing but our souls to take us to the afterworld. Your soul has no division. Hold true to your soul.

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