Dear Toni Tuesday……..



Dear Toni,

I have been sick for years with COPD. I know it’s getting worse and the doctors say I have about 3 years at the most to live. I am scared because December showed me how quickly I would go. I am remembering less and less and it scares me to death to not remember my kids, grandkids, true love, high school or my marriages. Doctors say I won’t know a lot soon so I revised my will, updated my life insurance and will live! I know I am not ready to go so God’s Plan will just have to wait!


Dear J,

I just lost a 27 year old friend. People with terminal cancer and 6 months to live can live another 20 years. When it’s our time it’s our time. No one wants to die but we do. You just need to enjoy every single day you have. Whatever length of life you have you need to live it to the fullest! Release all anger and bitterness and fill yourself with love and light. Pray. Let God hear you and find comfort. Three years can be a blip and it can also be forever. And it could end up being 10 or 15. Miracles happen everyday. Stephen Hawking lived 50 years passed his expectancy. Don’t give up and don’t give in!!!!!!!

Giving all the best wishes, lots of love, and the grace of God to surround you!

Toni Dowrey

(J is only 50 years old and a very long dear friend to me)
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