It is not rejection ………

So, you didn’t get the job you wanted or the house you hoped for or the car that was screaming your name.  You were REJECTED!  Or were you?  I don’t think so.  I know it hurts and makes you feel sad but there is a brighter side.  You just don’t see it right now.  That job may have had a very difficult person you would have had to work with and was not in your favor.  The house may have had a neighbor that would have caused you tremendous grief and that would not be to your best interest.  The car, well, you didn’t need the payment even though you would look good driving it down the road.

Sometimes our greatest yeses come from painful nos.  Yes, I have had many.  They hurt, tore me down a bit and some even brought tears.  As I look back, I am truly grateful for most of them.  Maybe not all, because I am human and would have liked to experience some of those things but I like where I am.  If I would have had those yeses, I would not be where I am now.  If I had got this one job I really wanted, and tore me down when I didn’t get it, I would not be at a great job I had for the last eight years that has taught me much about myself and situations.  If I would have won a contest I really wanted but didn’t even make the top ten, I would not be writing this blog right now.  I would have jumped over steps I needed to take first.

Not all parts of life are fantastic.  The rejections bring us to where we need to be.  Something else to learn and a path chosen for us that we are destined to follow.  We can chose our path, but the detours are what takes us to where we need to be.  We just need to keep going forward.  Keep trying.  Keep being persistent.  It will take us down the right road even when it feels like a dead end.

The next “rejection” you get, look at it as a detour.  It is sending you in the right direction.  It is detouring you around the damaged road and taking you to the direction you need to follow.  You will get to the right road again. There will be frustration and time delay during the detour.  But, then you can look back one day and be thankful of the “rejection” and know it lead you to a better road.  Just keep following the signs.



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