Make a decision and follow through……

We think of what we want to do.  Dream about it.  Constantly think of it.  Wonder what if.  Think of what life would be like when………   Stop wondering, thinking, dreaming, and just make a decision to get there.  Start taking your steps you need to do to get to where you want to go and take action.  Make it real.

The hardest part is making the decision to finally do something about it.  To actually put a plan out there and start working on it.  It may take a while but every step you take will get you to where you want to go.  There will be hard times.  Some struggles.  Some easy days that make you keep going.  Then maybe another struggle but you must keep going.  The second hardest part is following through to make it happen.  Most people give up when it gets tough.  Instead of following the detour, they take it as a stop sign.  “If it is this tough, it just isn’t meant to be”.  No, it means that you need to learn some things before you get to the accomplishment.

Most people do not achieve a dream in a straight line.  Most get there by many curves with ups and downs along the way.  The building blocks to hold the foundation.  You can do it.  Find your strength to keep getting through the tough times.  Enjoy the journey.  Take in the moments along the way.  Even if it is scary, soak it in.  All the emotions you feel will allow you to appreciate the destination.

Dreaming is good.  Setting goals is great! But one day, you need to make the decision to make it happen and then you need to follow through.  What better time to do it than right now?  Do it!

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