Don’t let social media value you……

Our world has been turned into social media. Our relationship status, our friends, our businesses, our family life line, our communication, etc……. It’s everywhere. The YouTuber’s, Instagramer’s, Tweeters, and all others that fall in the social media line. My main go-to is Facebook.  About 81% of Americans are on social media. That’s a lot!!!!! I’m thinking the other 19% is too young and in toddler stage!

Social media has brought many people together! Unfortunately, it has torn others apart. We value our connections and some people way exceed their number of connections! The more friends or likes then the more important you are! The more you important you are, the better social media is! The better YOU are!!!! Not true!

We need to stop placing value on social media. We need to stop checking how many likes and friends we have. That does not value your worth or who you are. I have a few Facebook pages. A personal page for my known family and friends where I can just be me. I have my Findingyoubook page where I post inspirational posts and things pertaining to my book and my motivational blogs. I also have an author page for just my writings and a spiritual mind and body page for higher power of inspiration.

Sometimes I get likes, sometimes I don’t. It concerns me. I wonder if I am reaching my audience or not. If I don’t get many likes then I, sometimes, want to shut down my page. Especially if I’m not being useful and motivational. But then I hear from people who read them but don’t hit like or comment. I’m still getting my messages out but without feedback. The feedback is important so I know I’m doing right by my motivational followers, but sometimes it’s not everything. There is more than what we see on the social media site. There is more to us!

I know losing friends on social media is hard. I have lost a few for various reasons. It hurts. You get upset, feel broken, and sometimes take it hard. I thought a couple were REAL friends but if they can drop you over written words then they aren’t friends, they are acquaintances. They came through your life but were not meant to stay. Let them go! Hurt for a bit and see if there was a lesson there, but then move on. Don’t place your value on removed friends, debating comments, or lack of likes!

Your value needs to be on who is real. You need to know reality and virtual. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I have wonderful FRIENDS on Facebook who help me through my days, give advice, give a virtual shoulder to lean on, and I trust. Others are acquaintances I’m blessed to have in my life while they last. But not everyone is meant to stay in your life and some will move on.

Enjoy the best parts of social media. Engage and have fun. But let don’t your life be based on it.

Keep moving forward ~

Toni Dowrey




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