Dear Toni Tuesday…….

Dear Toni,

I have been passed up for a promotion two times now. I know I am doing a good job because my evaluations are always great. I don’t know why I keep getting passed. I am trying to stay positive but it is hard. How can I stay motivated to keep going? If I get passed up one more time I think it would devastate me. Thank you.



Dear W~

I am sorry you did not get promoted. That’s tough. I have been there a couple of times and it hurts. There are a couple of suggestions I have on this.

The first one is to know your worth. You said you have great evaluations so that means you are worthy and doing a wonderful job! That’s great! But are you just doing your JOB? Is there anything else you can do to make yourself stand out? Make suggestions to better a procedure? And not just a suggestion but also have a resolution. Show them that you are leadership material. There is a difference of doing a great job and doing great in a leadership role. See if there are areas you can improve. Ask your manager what may be holding you back from a promotion and what you can work on. Stay focused and increase your worth. Keep doing a great job but bump it up a notch!

Did you consider a different job? Maybe the skills you have gained are leading you to a different job entirely. Maybe this job was a stepping stone. Have you looked at other jobs to see what you may qualify for that had a better chance for increasing salary and position?

You have two choices…… stay at your current position and find out what you need to do to get that next promotion and do it! Or…….. look for another job that may get you a better salary and position in a different area/or place.

Stay motivated!! You don’t know what the future holds. Sometimes our goals are not always the right choice and life will put us on the right path. When I lost my promotion two times, in different jobs….. I was put in a better path. It may not be tomorrow and could be in a year, but know you are going where you need to be!

Best of luck to you and keep me posted!

Keep moving forward~

Toni Dowrey


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