Don’t feed the negative….. be the twist!

Negative, negative, negative!!!! We see it everyday, throughout the day. In social media, news threads, news broadcasts, sitcoms, comedy…… everywhere! You just can’t seem to get away from it. I have had a few friends taking breaks from social media because of it. I see tweets that start arguments. I see Facebook posts ending friendships. It’s absolutely out of control. Or is it?

I will admit I have been drawn into the negative here and there. I have had my share of being unfriended. Not because I was being really negative but I was sharing what others didn’t want to hear. I am still hurt over a loss that happened not long ago. I was defending a matter I believe in. The other person didn’t feel the same way. We have known each other since elementary school. Message sometimes. Have fun with our posts and ……. bam! He didn’t agree, was adamant on how he felt and then I felt the need to defend the matter and made a post……. not referencing him or anyone, but then he was gone! Delete!!!!! And his girlfriend, too.

It is sad. Sad we are now full of so much information, written conversation, technical stimuli, non-personal contact, and although we have more……. we have less. We have more thrown at us but less good being received. It’s our society. It is what we have evolved into. So if this is how it is going to be, then then this is how I will now respond.

Everytime I see a post….. I see negative. There is a fire in the fireplace burning with a beautiful glow and you have someone talking about pollution. You see flowers blooming into natural beauty and you have someone talking about pesticides. You see kids helping others and it’s the government’s fault for not assisting. It’s always something. Someone always has to be the bear of negativity. Well, not me.

I have now made a point to throw in positive comments. Of course, depending on what it is. You can’t have recalled meat making people sick and saying the positive is having an internal detox. You get the point. But, I’m tired of the negative. I’m tired of the downers. I’m tired of the confrontation finders. I’m tired of the toxic.

Im here to bring as much positive as I can and be around those who do the same. We all have bad going on and struggles we fight. There is no need to bring the world down around us. When we lift the world, we lift ourselves. Don’t be a negative in our world. Bring positive and much needed light. It may not change the whole world but it might change someone’s day! Including yours.


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  • Teresa Swann

    Very well said. It’s really sad more people can’t be opened mind, and take it with a grain of salt. There’s a reason people come and go in our life’s. We need to learn from our losses. Life is to short to throw relationships away over a disagreement, shake it off and move on!!!!

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