When you want to quit life………..keep going!

Life can be tough. It can knock you down. It can barrel you over. It takes unexpected punches we weren’t prepared to protect ourselves from. Life can make us want to curl up and stay there. The outside world is angry and brutal. It is easier to stay inside and hide. Some just don’t want to live it at all and want to give up. But don’t!

This is it! One life. One glorious life. I know to many it may not seem too glorious right now. I know there are some on the last leg of wanting to live it. I know there are days that feel like they will never end and some don’t want to attempt the try to get through another one. But STOP!!! Just stop! Take a breath. Sit down and relax. Just let your body have no weight and just be. Take some time to focus and just…………….be.

The world is a huge place. You are a small fraction of it. You are one small fraction that makes a difference in this world. Each little piece of you. No matter what you have been told or feel, you make a difference. You make a difference to who you encounter everyday. You make a difference to future people you will encounter and those you have in the past. The world needs your special qualities to imprint something great. You may not feel great. You may not feel worthy. You may not feel like you make a difference, but you do.

You don’t know what lies ahead. You don’t know the plan that is laid out. You might not see beyond tomorrow, but neither does anyone else. You may not see a bright future, but there is no future for anyone……. just right now. You just need to live it. You just need to keep pushing when you feel like giving up. You just need to find that one itsy bitsy tiny piece of hope left in the pit of darkness and bring it to light.

Had I succumbed to my darkness and let it overcome me throughout my life, I wouldn’t be writing this blog to you and letting you know there is life beyond where you are. A great life.  A life that feels will never be, but yet, there it is.  A life being enjoyed and loved. It can still be tough and throw some crazy punches, but now, it is all about fighting back!

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