Dear Toni Tuesday…….


Dear Toni,

I have been alone for some time now. I am tired of being lonely. I want to be happy and in a relationship. How do I do that?



Dear A~

Loneliness can be hard. We are humans and meant to have other contact whether physical or social.  Today in the world of technology, we have more social media that seems to matter rather than physical. With that said, have you tried online dating? I know some people do not like that but it helps you the weed out people who may not interest you. I actually met my husband on a free weekend and we have been together over eight years and married for five.  You just never know.

If you are nervous about dating, you can sign up for a singles group who do activities together. This way you are going out and having fun with others under no obligations. You might even meet someone to eventually date. At least you are going out, being social, meeting new friends, and having fun!

If you aren’t comfortable with that, you can get a pet. I know it is not a relationship, but it is a commitment. You can take it out for walks and to the park. Again, you might meet someone there. A pet will be happy to see you. Lay with you to cuddle. Enjoy your time to be together and have stress relieving benefits. I strongly suggest a rescue! They make wonderful companions who are appreciative of having a great home!

You can’t exoect to have a relationship without trying something. Someone won’t just come knock on your door and say, “I’m here!”  Well, they could but highly unlikely.

Durung this time, you need to find happiness being alone. Find your joy. Embrace any hobbies or start some. Work on goals you have been putting off or make new ones. Keep yourself occupied besides moping around thinking you will be happy when you meet someone. No! Be happy now and then SHARE it with someone.

My book “Finding You and Your Direction” is available on I have great information in my book relating to this. I hope you look that up and purchase it. It goes into more detail.

I hope these suggestions helped you to reach out in your search for someone. Love yourself, and then find someone to share it with. You choose happiness, you don’t find it.

Best wishes and please keep me posted!

Keep moving forward~

Toni Dowrey

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