Dear Toni Tuesday………

Dear Toni,

My relationship recently ended. It was not by my choice. I’m dealing with it and moving on but I was wondering what is the amount of time you should wait to start finding someone new?



Dear T,

You know when you are ready. It can be a day or a month but when you feel like you are ready to meet someone else, you will.

Don’t let others tell you it’s too soon or you need to get out there. They will try to help you because they care. Your friends may judge you if you jump in too soon. Or they might get upset that you aren’t getting out there soon enough. I don’t want you running to another to get false fulfillment or laying around feeling sorry for yourself for a long time. There is a balance.

Do what makes you feel right. If you are ready to spend quality time with someone that may lead into a long term relationship, you are ready.

Good luck and keep me posted! Best wishes always.

Live fully,

Toni Dowrey

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