Positive or push over?

I speak a lot about boosting others, helping yourself, rising above, and moving forward. I believe it’s important to find the positive in tough situations. I think being a good role in the world is a good thing to work towards. Even if it’s putting a quarter in a charity dish. I think walking away with your head held high is an asset most of us don’t have but should work on. I also believe that there are times when enough is enough.

We try so hard to find peace in a chaotic world. We try to keep our mouths shut as not to offend others. We fight to keep calm and not create bigger problems. In the meantime, people are rude, feel a sense of entitlement, show zero respect for others, post things never to be said to others faces, or get offended at a drop of a hat. It really has become quite a time of tension and some disgrace.

I still believe in rising above and walking away but sometimes you just have to stand up and say enough is enough. Sometimes you just need to put a stop to things. Sometimes you may need to call someone out, stand firm and not bend. There are times where it’s OK to defend yourself or set the record straight. There are times it’s needed.

Be mature about it. Don’t be rude and belittle. Don’t be bitchy or a jerk. Don’t take it, but leave it with dignity. Don’t lower yourself to someone else and don’t be the one who is needing to be challenged. Just straighten it then let it go.

Everyone seems right in their own eyes. Sometimes we need to change the view. Either to ourselves or others.

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