Dear Toni Tuesday……

Dear Toni,

I’m so tired of working everyday to go nowhere. I can barely get by and I’m tired of scraping and working so hard. I just need a break. Any suggestions?


Dear T~

You may not like my response to this but ….. work! That’s all you can do. We need to work to survive and at time we are JUST surviving! It’s tough. Many people who make it big worked hard to get there. Many were below survival at the time.
JK Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series, was broke, a single mom, and contemplating suicide. Now a billionaire. To make it more simple, a friend’s brother got laid off of his mechanics job that he was struggling financially with only to open his own customized shop. One man who was in a sheriff’s department was scrutinized by fellow employees and the sheriff. He was placed across the road in his own office for doing THE RIGHT thing. He stuck it out and later became sheriff. And fired some of those fellow co-workers.
You never know what might be around the corner so keep plugging at it. If you have a job, are doing the best you can, then you are way up from some. You just stay your course and keep your eyes open for opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid to take them.
I don’t know your age and the full situation but you may also want to talk to a financial advisor to see where they can help.
I wish you the best and I know it can get tiring, but be proud of making an honest living. It will pay off.

Live fully,
Toni Dowrey

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