Who’s opinion matters????

I had stated that my blogs were going to be motivational but also, pretty straight forward on some. We have real issues we live with that I would like to voice my opinion on every once in a while.  I know not everyone will agree with me and that is OK. We should all be able to agree to disagree. We are adults and should be able to know that everyone has their own beliefs and that is what makes the world go around. I am not saying I am right and you are wrong or vice versa. It is just the way we are designed.

What I do not understand is who decides who’s opinions are more important than others? Who is the one who says my opinion is so important that it is going to change the United States? I am serious when I say that. Someone had the opinion that people should not be allowed to pray in school, so it was banned. Just recently a coach was fired in Bremerton, WA because he prayed with his football team. Did it for many years until someone spoke up and didn’t like it. Now he lost his job. If the team liked it, the students were OK with it, the other coaches were agreeable to it, why would ONE person make a difference in these lives? What right do THEY have to change this? Who decided that ONE person was right when there were so many others saying the teacher should stay? Doesn’t the majority rule work anymore?

Someone is offended by a flag, so it is removed. Someone is offended by a sports team name and wants it changed. Someone is offended by something a co-worker says and that co-worker gets written up. I just get so tired of it. We all have opinions of what we feel is right or wrong but what makes it right to change something over one or a limited group of persons opinions?

Now we have this bathroom law that is causing a huge ruckus. Men and woman have had these bathrooms for ages. Based on someone’s opinion that should change. It is dividing so many people, states, and government. If some want it to change and some don’t, who is right? Who makes this decision for everyone? Then you have one state standing up for what they really believe and why can’t they be right? Why does everyone think they are now wrong when they are defending what has been done all of these years? See, it is a matter of opinion.

I know change can be good or nothing gets better or evolves. I am just curious on why some opinions matter and some don’t. I am wondering who has the right to say one person’s opinion is correct and the other person’s opinion is wrong. Who decides to change our way of life of what he have been living due to the opinions of others? Why them and not me? Does my opinion even matter? Is my opinion ever going to be the ONE to make a change that the whole United States will feel? I guess we won’t find out until we keep voicing our own opinions.

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