Lacking Christmas Spirit? – My Opinion

Is your Christmas spirit lacking or non existent this year? Are past memories holding you down? Is the loss of loved ones keeping you from enjoying the season? Are you feeling alone during a family holiday? Are you just not feeling the Christmas magic? 

The holidays can be a very difficult time for many. Commercials and movies make it a time of love and laughter and put an added stress of what you are not feeling. It can be very overwhelming when it’s everywhere for about two months. 

I hope you use this time to reflect on what it is that brings you down at this time of year and you can make changes to help you get your spirit back. 

If you are missing a loved one, remember wonderful Christmas memories you had. Cherish those because they are truly blessed times you shared. But don’t keep happiness away from those who are still here. You are not taking away from someone who is gone when sharing happiness with those who are here. Let their memories be with you to create new ones while you still live. They will always be with you in your heart. Let them help you spread love at this time of year to others who also need it too. 

If you are alone and don’t have anyone to share it with, volunteer at a shelter or mission to serve meals or hand out presents. Maybe visit older people who don’t have family coming to visit. It may sound depressing but brightening someone else’s day can easily brighten your own. 

All the hustle and bustle can be so stressful. The fun of Christmas has turned into a chore of spending loads of money, pressure of the right gifts, the right meal, the right traditions, and the fun is gone. It’s just a pain instead of a celebration. Take a step back and breathe! Don’t let the pressures of gifts and meals take the spirit from you. Any food and presents are the best gifts and if people can’t accept that, that is their problem, not yours. Don’t let Christmas pressure get the best of you. You just give your best and leave it at that. 

I feel I have been blessed with Christmas spirit. Even when life is bringing me down, Christmas brings me up. I wish it was all year because it makes me happy and brightens my heart. My life isn’t always great and I have spent some Christmases alone. I soaked myself into Christmas movies and just enjoyed the day the way it was. 

The one thing I hope is that since I love Christmas so much, that when I’m gone, people won’t hate Christmas because it reminds them of me but rather they enjoy and love Christmas because it reminds them of me! 

We all have our own feelings about Christmas time. I hope you can find it to be a time of reflecting, acknowledging, and healing. I hope this holiday season you find the spirit that lifts your soul and brightens the way for a beautiful new year ahead! Merry Christmas! 

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