Rude Ass People – My Opinion

***Warning: foul language***
Oh. My. Gawd! What is the matter with people? I know we have had plain mean ass people before we were even a country, but good grief! With social media it just really shines so bright!

Why on earth do people feel the need to respond to a post as just a total ASS****! I don’t get it. Why do people have to be so mean to others and belittle them? A post about Rudolf can turn into a presidential debate for God sakes and calling names! It’s absolutely ridiculous!

People that feel the need to be mean towards others such as calling names, being critical, being belittling, and just a plain jerk……. have self issues they project on others to feed themselves. So when you look at all the threads and the horrible responses, we have THAT many people feeding themselves off of hurting others. Pretty sad, isn’t it? 

Technology makes it easier to go out on the limb and be an ass****. Throw words on a screen and hide. How many would actually say it face to face? I pretty much do. But I think many would be a coward!

To the ones being put down and dealing with rude and negative people online, don’t worry about them. They are insecure, have personal issues and if anything, give them your pity. It’s sad to live a life so angry and bitter with no true HAPPY happiness. You are better than this. Just push it aside and move on. Good things will come to you! 

To the ones being shitty and thinking you are so badass but really looking like an insecure idiot, you can’t feed off others who know the true meaning of happiness. I hope one day you find it. In the meantime…… karma is a bitch, I hope you have a wonderful 2020 and merry merry Christmas! Because you need all the help from Jesus that you can get! 

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