Politics and Hate – My Opinion

Politics! Good grief! I am so sick of this. I think many Americans are. The news, the tweets, the memes, and the current election. What gets to me most is how rude, mean, aggressive, hypocritical, and just plain jerky people can be! Why be that way?

There are people strongly supporting the president who consider themselves ‘conservatives’ and this president is anything but conservative. And conservatives state they are strong Christians yet they blast and smear those who do not agree with them. THAT is not proper Christian behavior. I’m not saying it is everyone and I try not to group all as one. 

I have seen many that have been acting this way and the hatred is horrid to those who don’t agree. The president lashes out in angry tweets and bullies others and his fan base seems to do the same. The better than you attitude really only makes you look foolish. 

On the other side you have people who don’t like or agree with the president and the respect of anything seems to fall short. There is something about being disrespectful to the point that what you say holds no more value. The more you try to bring out the bad qualities of the president, the more you can look like the idiot and no one else wants to hear it.

I’m so tired of trying to have conversations and politics get thrown in. I’m sorry, I wasn’t saying anything about a political party, I was talking about the looks of a damn car! Please!! Why can’t we just talk to each other about life and not have libtards or snowflakes thrown in there somewhere. I’m just so sick of it. 

Just to let you all know…… Democrats or Republicans….. I feel it’s important to support the side you like. And really, that’s all it is. The side you like. You are not a Republican. You are not a Democrat. You like it and support it. That’s the reality. You are human! That’s it. Just getting through life and doing the best you can. Just like the opposite side of your political beliefs. The hate doesn’t get you any nearer to anything that will help you when you die. Because when you die, your body is gone. And so are you. Your political beliefs will only matter to a few. People will remember what kind of person you were and how you treated others. That’s what they will talk about. 

Don’t get so hell bent on pushing what you believe that you forget kindness, gratitude, and respect. We need to fight for our country and stand up for our beliefs but let’s keep some tact and morals while we do this. 

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