Self Reflection……..

Often I post messages about letting go of negative people in your life.  This is true for friends, co-workers, and even family.  You don’t want to have negative in your life that brings you down and takes your energy.  But……. could you be your own source of toxic?  Could you be the negative energy that is bringing you down and others around you?

If you can’t seem to get out of a certain rut in life, is it you? Sometimes we tend to make our own problems.  Some problems are just going to happen, it’s life.  But other times we cause our own.  We create more than what is there or instead of looking for a solution, we dwell on the negative.  I have mentioned before, it is your choice to be a victim  or victor.  The victim will continue to have problems and blame everyone they can for why things are happening to them.  Are you doing this?  Are you finding solutions to become a victor or are you having self pity and blaming those around you? If you are playing victim, then I am asking you to stop! Get up and brush yourself off! Find solutions to those problems.  Stand up tall and move on.  You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you will respond.  Be strong and be classy!

Are you toxic to others?  Do you talk negatively about others when they are not around?  Do you discuss things with others that should be kept private or may not be their business?  Do you appear one way in public but behind closed doors act totally different? If you answered yes to any, you could be toxic to others which will in turn be toxic to you. If you are manipulative, disrespectful or non-trustworthy….. I would stop now! Karma is not fun when you are the receiver of the bad.  And it will catch up to you.  Be careful with what you say and how you treat others.  You may not think you are doing anything wrong, but deep down you will know if you are.  Listen to your true feelings.

Today I am asking you to reflect on yourself.  Take a deep look at how your actions are.  How you treat others in person and when they are not around. What words are you saying to others.  Are you saying things you would say in front of everyone? Or are you being toxic to yourself?  Others?  If you find that you are, then start now to make some changes.  You can change the way you act and the words that you speak.  Reflect on your past actions and make changes you need to make to be a person of trust and positive energy.  It is easier to blame than take responsibly.  But for a life of future happiness, be mindful of how you are. Be a positive role model to others, not the negative person people need to remove from their life.



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