Do not quit!!!

Life has its challenges. It throws us unexpected curves and a spiral of winds. And usually when we least expect it.  Somethings feel like we will never get through.  It keeps taking us down the long road and it keeps on going but doesn’t seem to have a stop sign or turn anywhere in sight.  We want to quit the adventure and get off the road but we just keep following it into no where.  We want to give up and not see where this is going to take us.  Sometimes it is just too hard and the longer it lasts, the more drained we become to continue on.  This can be with many things in life.  Jobs, relationships, health, finances………… you name it.

Have you noticed that many of the most successful and/or inspiring people in this world became this way from hard times.  They went through some pretty tough hardships, learned much during that time and used it to get a better life.  Sharing what they learned, transforming it into something great and helping others.  We may think, “Well, that isn’t me.  My life is not the same.  I am a nobody”.  So were they.  An average person who used what life gave them and made it better.  We all can do this.  Some people are famous and are known by many.  Some are just known in their local community.  Either way, they are inspiring someone and that is all that matters.  Using their hardship to better their life and those around them.

We may not know what our greatness is.  We may not know how to use it.  That is ok.  Just don’t give up.  One day it will come to you.  It could be a best sellering author, a group leader, an inspiring student, or maybe to be a great parent.  You don’t have to change the world, you just need to help those around you while you are on this journey.  Everyone has something to share.  It could be a person who battled drugs and now encouraging others to get off them.  It can be a health issue that you are willing to share and inspiring others to get through it.  It can be a PTA mom willing to help her local school.  Think big, maybe you discover something no one else has and become a great entrepreneur.  Don’t quit.  Keep moving forward and see where it takes you.

The tough times bring out greatness.  You can let it bring you down or you can fight through and find the best days ahead.  Don’t be blind to what is around you.  Look at everything.  Soak up what you can and use that get you through.  A sunset, a rainy day that cleans the air, the laugh of a child that you know is real and not fake, the flowers you see growing in a crack of concrete that was not planted there.  Real things.  Look at what life has to offer, not what it takes away.  Know you are being given strength for a better destiny, not crumbled into nothing.  Use what you have.  Keep on going and don’t quit.

Life plays hard sometimes.  You can play harder.  You need to keep playing to find out how the game ends.  The only one who can take it away from you, is you.

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