There is a reason for everything!

Do you ever wonder why things happen?  I suppose many of us do.  I am one of those firm believers that everything happens for a reason.  I may not know what the reason is or I may not like what it happening, but I know it is all a part of a bigger plan.

We plan our lives.  Even just our days.  And something goes haywire.  THAT was NOT a part of MY plan!!!  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Of course, the good is always better to be surprised with.  But usually it is the bad that throws us for a loop.  It messes up our day or even the next few years.  Or totally changes the rest of our lives!  At those times, it is hard to find any good out of it.  Why did this happen?  What did I do to deserve this?  Now what do it do?

You move on.  You keep going.  Day by day.  Sometimes struggling or crawling…………… but you keep moving.  We all have times that we would like to just curl up and forget about the world.  Feel sorry for ourselves and give up.  Even the happiest people you meet have bad days.  Maybe not as bad as what you have endured, but bad non the less.  Don’t try to rate what “bad” is.  For one person “bad” may mean losing their home and in financial despair, and to another it is losing their keys to their Mercedes and being late to important meeting.  If it is out of the norm and has a negative affect on your life, it is bad.  Also, don’t use the “You have no idea what I have been through”.   No, they don’t.  And you don’t know what someone else has been through either.

For example……. I was watching a show and this woman is around my age and her kids brought her on a talk show because she was drinking, going out, not being a good mom and they wanted professional help.  I heard her say she drank because it was hard for her to raise the kids alone.  She wanted to have her time and get away from it.  It instantly brought something to me.  I could relate.  I was a single mom for ten years raising three kids.  Not once did I think the way she did when I was raising mine.  Of course it was hard, tiring and stressful.  But I just did it.  They were my kids.  I tried to keep a normal life of sports and activities.  Yes, there were problems.  Yes, there was rebellion.  Yes, there was many sacrifices.  But I did it.  Not wanting to give up.  Not wanting to go party my nights away.  Not wanting to boot them out to have my own life.  Now that they are grown and starting their adult lives, I have more time.  I am liking manicures.  🙂  I like shopping for my needs and not everyone else.  Things you look forward to in those situations.  But you don’t give up.  Especially on true responsibility.  Taking the easy way out for herself has permanently damaged the lives of her kids. This is what I mean on not giving up and moving forward.  The easy way out makes life hard, the hard way will make life easier.  And not only for you, but those you love.

Keep pushing through.  As hard as it is to push through the day, it will make an easier day in the future.  We all have our different struggles.  Finances, sickness, toxic people, bad jobs……. whatever it is.  But set your goals to get out of where you are.  Work on those goals everyday.  Whatever situation you are in, you are there for a reason.  You may not know why, but it is predicting your future.  If you want a better future, set the goals and be determined to reach them.  You may find obstacles.  That is ok.  You may have a detour.  That is ok, too.  You may change your goals in the middle.  Alright!  Just keep moving forward.  Press on and keep going.  Better days are ahead.  Then you can look back and maybe get your answer of why this was meant to be.  🙂


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