The waiting is the hardest part…………..

Waiting!  It is so hard to do.  Waiting in line.  Waiting for the work day to be over.  Waiting for a trial to be gone.  Even waiting for something good coming up that is not happening soon enough.  We wait.  We lose patience.  We struggle with keeping a still heart.  Just be done with it already!

The waiting is actually the best part.  It is where you find out your strength.  Your patience.  Your connection to yourself.  It is a learning period for those willing to learn.  It is not fun most of the time.  It is difficult and can bring you to your knees.  It can be frustrating with no end in sight.  Then you get a glimpse of the end or something promising so you get up and keep going a little more.  And then a little bit more.  You struggle to get to through it.  Then another set back and you feel like you made no distance at all.  Back to where you started.  Back to the beginning.

If you are in a difficult time, keep the faith.  As hard as it may be, keep moving forward.  Times change.  Situations change.  The world keeps moving on and so should you.  I say this through experience of many challenges in my life.  Of course, there were times I wanted to give up.  Let life suck me in and just stop trying.  Have a pity party and feel bad about how things were.  But where would that get me?  Life would continue, days would keep going by and feeling sorry for myself would not change the situation.  So, you just keep going.  It may take a few days, a few weeks, months or even years.  But the situation will change.  The battle during this time is within yourself to keep pulling yourself up everyday and getting through.  To look for the positive, as hard as that can be, and keep moving forward.

The struggle is for you to get through.  There are lessons to be learned or it could be detouring you from or to something else.  You may never know why it actually happened, especially if it is a hard or traumatic situation, but you will come out of it with something you didn’t have before.  You will be changed.  If you keep a positive mind, it will change you for the better.  If you stay negative, your outcome will keep you from living a qualified life.  I know people who have been raped, have chronic illness, lost people too young, lost possessions, and they are still alive and moving forward.  It is a choice you make.  They got through the hard times by looking for the other side.  They made it, and so will you.

So, while you are waiting, look at your attitude.  What are you feeling?  Are you beating yourself and the world up around you?  Or are you taking steps to get through and looking to the other side?  Are you learning anything during this time?  How has it changed you?  For better or worse?  This time will end.  But when it is over, be a better person for it.

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