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Finding You……………………… what does this mean? Does this mean that someone is out to get you? That a stalker is lurking behind dark, creepy corners peeking around the edge to find you? Does it mean that you are lost, driving on the wrong street and we set out to find you on our magically invented GPS?

No, it doesn’t mean those things listed above. Because for one, I wouldn’t write a creepy book about a stalker and two, I wouldn’t want anyone lost. Both of these can be such terrifying feelings and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. But feeling internally lost is just as terrifying. Frightening to not know where you are going or why you are where you are and not finding any meaning. Fearful of what may happen next and putting your life on “hold” as you try to sort all of this out.

THAT IS FINDING YOU! A book to help you “find” yourself. Which I am going to come out and say right now, you are not “lost”. You are right here! Right where you need to be at this moment. All these things in life brought you to where you are. You may not be happy with it, and that is ok. You may be hurt by it, that is ok, too. But you are going to better places and the book is a guide to help you get there. Even if you are not “lost”, this book can also guide you on ways to just get out of the stale flowing life and boost you into a new direction.

Let me tell you though, the title Finding You may change. When I first started writing (five years ago), I couldn’t find another book with this title. Now, after looking again, I came upon a couple books with the title and me, being me, don’t want to share my title. I have some other ones in mind that are close but I will have to make a decision that I think you will like. Any suggestions are accepted, too.

Anyway, back to the book itself. I want to help people find their direction. Get rid of things that are bogging you down and keeping your life on “hold”. Everyday passes by whether you want it or not. What are you missing in life while you are waiting? And what are you waiting for? Some miraculous discovery that hits you out of no where? Yes, sometimes we have our “ah-ha” moments. Those great experiences where “out of nowhere” everything falls into place. That is GREAT if you have that. We need those now and then. But you may not get that moment. You will still be trying to find your place next year, at the same time, while a year just passed you by. Time to start living NOW! No sense in waiting while it just keeps moving on without you to enjoy all the moments given.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.  Any questions you may have or if you want to throw in a thought, that works for me, too.  I appreciate you and know you have much to offer in this world and I want you to go out and start living a great life you deserve to be living.

The book should be released this summer. I, myself, had a turn in life that delayed the book release. It happens. You just keep plugging on and it will come together. Maybe not when you want it, but it will. In the meantime, you need to get rid of things holding you back in life and move towards the direction you want to go. The book goes into more detail on how to do this but, for now, follow my facebook page,

Live today for tomorrow is but a dream!

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