The Moment – My Opinion

Every moment counts! Our lives are based on each moment. They all have brought you to where you are now and they will continue to carry you on for the rest of your life. You will have good moments and bad. Appreciate them all. 

It’s crazy how one moment of time can completely change your course of life. You can be happy and celebrating a special occasion only to instantly have terrible news arrive that totally changes your life forever with deep pain. Or you can be in a state of despair and feeling there is no end to hardship or grief when suddenly great news has been delivered that will make life so much better and lighter to carry. 

Friends come and some stay forever while others move on without you. Family is a wonderful anchor and rock but sometimes anchors keep us from moving forward and rocks turn into thrown stones. The once happy times with family and friends can change on a moment’s notice. 

Hold all of your moments with care. Appreciate your difficult moments so you can find even more gratitude in the moments that bring you wonderful change. When bad moments come to you know they are only moments in time and they will not stay. Soon other moments will alter your life again. 

Live in the moment! Take in where you are in life and feel it. With joy or heavy heart. We will look back on them all. Be in your moment and look at where you want your next moment to take you. Most importantly, make each moment count! 

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