The Party Dilemma – My Opinion

Why has it become so difficult with inviting and accepting invitations? It seems that in the last few years it has come up in many conversations and so much is being put into this, and not in a good way.

I have heard many forms of complaints on invitations. I have experienced problems with invitations and cancellations. I have seen Facebook memes about invitations. It seems that so many people are upset with each other about being invited to or not showing up to an invite.

 “Why should I invite them if they never show up?”

 “They never invite me so why should I invite them?”

 “They will get mad if I don’t go but they never come here!”

People do not RSVP or always say they will be there only to cancel last minute, every time.

I understand how it can be frustrating. People want to have parties or attend parties on their own terms. It needs to interest them, be convenient for them, be at a good time for them, but when they have a party, they expect everyone to show and are upset if they don’t.

People are feeling hurt, let down, and non-important. It seems that many people are wrapped in their own lives and feelings that they don’t put others into consideration. We are so into pleasing ourselves and doing what is good for us that we tend to blow others off but get mad when they do it to us. It has turned into such a mess.

So, here are my thoughts on this. First thing, we have forgotten the etiquette behind invitations and RSVP. If you are unaware of these, this might help in your future. When inviting guests, you want to invite around 3-4 weeks from the occasion. You can go 6 weeks out and as close as 2 weeks but shoot for the 4-week mark. This gives your guests time to plan around your event. If you invite online, make sure your guests will go online to see it. Make sure you specify what the event is, where it will be, what time it is, and give any extra information that may be needed such as gifts, dress, or directions.

It is very important to RSVP. This means repondez s’il vous plait in French. In our words, please respond! This lets the inviter know how many will be there and how to plan the event. I really cannot tell you how it bothers me when people cannot take the time to respond with a yay or nay. It is courtesy and just good manners. If you plan to attend and say yes but something happens to where you cannot attend, let the person know you will not be able to make it. But please, do not be the person who always says yes but last-minute cancels. Just say no in the beginning if you really don’t plan to attend.  

Lastly, don’t worry about it! Invite who you want to come, go to where you want to go, and who shows up does and who does not don’t. Have fun with who you have and let the rest go. Life is too short to build up stuff unnecessarily. The important people will come or respond and the others will just be. Have fun, laugh, and enjoy the company you got!

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