Disobedient Kids – My Opinion

You laugh when your child screams in the store, not out of embarrassment but because you find it funny. You constantly repeat the name of the child to make them stop but even with you constantly repeating the name the child continues and now we have to listen to you too! Your child takes others toys and you feel they should share and not make your child cry. Your child throws a tantrum and you give in so your child is not hurt or upset. Control your child! 

Whether it’s your child, a grandchild, niece, nephew, or what have you. These kids are running a muck and we are so afraid of hurting their feelings that we allow it and then we just bother everyone else around us and the child stays out of control. It’s just ridiculous. 

Recently, I have been to a couple of gatherings where you have a child or a few children that are out of line. Grabbing toys from others, sticking everything in their mouth, climbing on furniture, yelling, screaming, and having no regard for anything. The parents/guardians/family member just says the child’s name and expects them to stop and when they don’t, they just keep repeating the name. Or do nothing and let others in the gathering handle it so they won’t be the BAD GUY! Really??? That’s your job! 

I understand about parents who don’t spank and try to discourage and discuss certain behaviors with therapy sessions with their child. And that is OK. As long as it is effective and they learn from it. What I don’t understand are these people who are afraid of upsetting the child and acts like a back door that is constantly being slammed on the way out! BE THE ADULT!

The reason why our society is so weak, timid, whiny, and fearful is from my generation who felt the need to baby their kids and be a friend and not a rule maker. I did not fall into this group but many people I know did. Don’t spank, don’t say no, don’t yell, don’t punish, don’t do this and don’t do that. Teach them love, kindness, speaking about your feelings, and so on. 

Many children have done well with a softer upbringing and are flourishing. Bringing good and calmness to a world of negativity. But more are disrespectful, self righteous, rude, feel entitled, and are a burden to our society. 

Watching this newer generation being raised by this group is just concerning. They are being heavily coddled! Don’t hurt their feelings, let them make their own choices, if they don’t like it find what they do, move the world around them to make them happy. 

Guess what? Your child is going to get slammed in life! The world does not care about their feelings, what they like and don’t like, and if they want to work or need a mental day. The world will slap your child in the face with a huge hit of reality. This doesn’t sound nice and some may be offended but it’s true! Teach your child to behave, obey rules, respect their belongs and others, have manners, and if they act out of line, discipline them! Also, teach them love, kindness, peace, and happiness. Teaching them how to get through a tough world is just as important as showing them how to make the world better! 

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