2016 is YOUR year!!!

new book coverThe New Year brings New Beginnings! Such an exciting time. Throwing out the old, bringing in the new.  Making new resolutions and hoping we stick to them. Looking forward to what the future has to offer or sometimes dreading what lies ahead.  It is all how you see it.  It is all what you want it to be. It can be filled with joy or full of sorrow.  You can start fresh or drag worries behind you. You can bring in new light or sift through darkness.

I love the new year! I look forward to what lies ahead and what changes will come.  I look forward to accomplishing goals I set for myself. I look forward to what life has to offer and what experiences I get to take in. I look forward to long term plans getting closer to being fulfilled.  Of course, there will be trials along the way.  Yes, I will have set backs. Not everything is going to fall into place. There will be times I will want to give up. I will doubt myself and my abilities. I will wonder what I am doing and if I am doing the right things. But this is life. These are daily challenges we face. We can dread them and play victim or we can face them head on and challenge them. We can curl up and have self pity or we can put on our vest of courage and keep pushing forward.

Every morning we get a new beginning. We get a new day to start fresh and try again. We get a new day to accomplish what we have been working on. We get a new day to start or finish a goal. We get a new day to succeed at something important us. We get a new day to change what we don’t like and make things better. Every morning we get a new start. But only one time a year do we get a whole New Year! A new year to set new goals. A new year to make drastic change. A new year to see dreams fulfilled. A new year to look forward to.

2016 is just a few days away! Make your goals for the year. Make your list of things you want to accomplish. Make a list of ways to accomplish them. Have something to look forward to. You may not complete everything in 2016, but you can always enjoy the journey! The year will be whatever you decide it will be. Best wishes to you in the new year and always!

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