Making Her Happy

He could do nothing to please her. Whatever he said, whatever he did, it just wasn’t good enough. She always wanted more. Always wanting better. 

He ran everything through his mind over and over about what he could be doing wrong. What did he need to do to make it right? How could he get her to be happy and satisfied with him? What did he need to do? He beat himself up over what a mess-up he was. He couldn’t seem to do anything right. What was his problem? 

As he watched her come into the room, she was complaining of her friend. The stupid guy her friend was seeing. What a useless guy he was. Didn’t have a good job, didn’t have a good car, lived in a crap apartment, and she couldn’t possibly see how this guy made her friend happy. She thought her friend was absolutely lying to herself. Happiness wasn’t that simple! 

At that moment, that one moment, he realized it wasn’t him. He realized it was her. She was never going to be happy unless she made her own self happy. 

It took a while to realize, but what one moment can do. It wasn’t his fault. He could stop putting so much pressure on himself and let her work out her own feelings and make her own way to happiness. It wasn’t up to him. It wasn’t his job to do. He just needed to keep being himself and if he was her happy, at this point, she would find a way to make HIM stay. 

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