Leave the Shadows

She turned quickly to see a translucent shadow behind her. It didn’t move in any direction but rather floated in the same space. It had no definition. There was no face or body to it. It was nothing. But it was everything. What was it? What did it want? Why was it behind her? 

She turned away to run forward into the light of the day. She wanted to leave this dark shadow behind and the fear and negativity it was trying to attach to her. She felt the urgency to get away and free herself from this darkness behind her. Looming. Casting fragments of dread. 

She turned toward the light. With every bit of energy she had left after the shadow tried sucking the life from her, she ran! She ran as fast as she could from that place. She was in such a hurry to get out of there but she noticed she was moving so slow. It was if she was running in slow motion. The harder she tried to run, the slower she actually moved. She felt like she was being pulled back and the shadow wouldn’t let go. 

Then without warning, the grip was set free and she flung to the ground in a bolting speed. Sore and a little broken, she got up. She brushed herself off and walked to the light like she owned it. It was a new turn in life. A new road. The past was gone. The shadows had no hold and her next step was where she wanted to go. 

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