They Tried to Defeat Her

She moved to a small town in the outskirts of Portland. She really loved where she had lived in the south but her family was back this way and she wanted to see all the kids and grandkids grow up. She had a great life where she had been and hoped for the same here. Excited to build a home with her husband back in the NW, they found a home on 5 acres out in the woods. It was a rough home. It needed a lot of work and remodeling but it was livable and they would make do.

Only a year after living there it turned into hell. Their neighbors on the 5 acres next to them had turned on them without warning. Great! The one thing they didn’t want to happen when they moved was have horrible neighbors …… and it happened, here it was! The nightmare began. 

The stress of being watched in your own yard, being filmed, being harassed, being taunted was getting to her. It got to her so much that a couple of times they filmed her in her own yard she said stupid stuff and wished she just kept her mouth shut but they were getting to her. And they knew it! Pushing her to ends wit and she started feeling unsafe and violated on her own wooded 5 acres. The serene life where she should have peace and tranquility had turned to horror! 

Then a new nightmare formed on top of this one. She was being rumored as the crazy lady around town. The neighbors had spread their own stories and said their own hate to enough people that it was being spread around that SHE was the one who was crazy. Unbelievable! And people believed them! Never meeting her, never knowing her, never hearing her side to the story, but judging her. They listened and believed them without any thought as to what SHE had been going through. 

It hurt. It was horrible. How could this be happening when she knew her truths? She always tried to be nice. She loved being a part of a community. Here she was in her own bad dream when she had proof of things they’ve done. She had proof of the taunting and spying. She had proof of them being threatening. She isn’t a bad person but she felt like she was. Not knowing many people in this new town already and then being slandered for standing up for herself, her family, her animals, her life! She WAS feeling crazy. How could her paradise be such a nightmare? 

She had motivated so many people. Been there for them in their times of trial. Now she had to be there for herself. After trying to cope with such a horrible situation, she realized this needed to stop. She needed to stop thinking poorly of herself because of others who didn’t even know her. She needed to stop letting those neighbors beat her down! It was time to stand up to her own doubts and face it head on like all the other bad situations in her past that she had conquered! If people wanted to believe something they know nothing about, that was on them. If they wanted to judge without knowing both sides, let them judge. She just needed to get HERSELF together. She’s a firm believer of karma. And it was time to make sure her karma was good. Bad things happen. Karma sorts it out in the end. And her karma needed to be sorted on the good side of this! 

She knew this would pass. It might take a while. It might get worse before it got better. But she had a few dear people she knew in this town and they are who she needed to focus on. Not the ones who didn’t like her. Not the ones who didn’t know her. She wasn’t everyone’s piece of cake. She knew that. Only true hearted, good people seemed to be in her life and she needed to grow with that, not slowly whither with the rotting negative ones. 

It only took one beautiful souled woman to tell her how great she was to remind her that she was better than the acts and words of hate. It was time to know her own worth again and find her truth. The world can not be nice. We can sometimes not be nice. But that doesn’t mean we are not meant for greatness and love. We need to not let negative blind us to the positive. Keep moving forward to the better and leave the bad far behind. We need to push through the brittle thorns that scrape us and sometime leave scars to find the beauty of the rose. She knew she got this! 

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