Christian Judgement ~ My Opinion

I’m a Christian. That’s how I look at it. I’m not Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist or anything else but Christian. I have been to many churches. I have been to all of those I just stated. I have searched many times for a church fitting my needs. While doing this, I have learned watching many churches and how their people respond to others and their judgement toward people outside of their realm.

I’m proud to be a Christian. I am not embarrassed by it. I don’t preach the Word but I share. I don’t mission but I try to inspire. I am not ashamed to stand for what I believe. I do not push it on those who don’t. I don’t feel that it is my purpose in life. I will share my passion to those who want to hear, though.

What I will NOT do being a Christian is JUDGE! Of course, I am human and I might say something now and then about a persons character or behavior. I might get sad or mad at someone and discuss it with someone else. I try not to call names or belittle anyone but when I am super mad or hurt, it just might come flying out of my mouth uncontrollably! With regret right after!

But …………
I will not be the Christian who doesn’t respect a homeless person and allow them to sit next to me at church.
I will not be the Christian who banishes gay from my sight as not being true to God’s Word.
I will not be the Christian who disowns family for not seeing life how I see it.
I will not be the Christian who preaches on giving but only takes for himself.
I will not be the Christian who states they are true to the Word but shuns those they don’t seem fit.
I will not be the Christian who prays for others but only when they are in the graces of good.
I will not be the Christian to judge others as I myself have only One true judgement day.
I will not be a Christian who will not find all humanity worthy of human compassion and love.

I understand people feel they are upholding the Word of the Bible by doing what they feel is right. Over many years I have found a tremendous amount of God loving hypocrites! It’s hard for me to find a church that doesn’t embrace how I feel. I found a wonderful little church in Virginia that was love to all. No matter your background, your spiritual state, your sins you’re trying to overcome…… they were there.

That’s how it should be. I love so many people with so many EVIL ways. It doesn’t make them bad. It makes them human. I, myself, am not perfect. I fall short EVERY SINGLE DAY! God’s love and grace is what gets me through. Loving me for who I am, flaws and all. I love people with THEIR flaws and all. Because God is love. Jesus is love. Sent to free us of our sins and all you need to do is acknowledge that He is you Lord and Savior and you are saved.

If He can love and save us with all the bad we have in our lives, who are we to criticize and judge someone else. We should only be trying to be a better person ourself and sharing that lifting spirit with others. Lending a hand instead of taking it away. That, to me, is a true Christian!

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