New Year, New Delete ~ My Opinion

Every year you see the phrase, ‘New year, new me’! With social media it is now common to see, ‘New year, time to clean up friends list’! Then BOOM…. delete, delete, delete.

Back in the day we had real friends. We hung out with them. We had fights, made up, and life went on. Or we had fights, the friendship ended and our hearts broke because we had a human physical connection that was now gone. Today, we hit UNFRIEND, move on to the next post and no tears shed. We are human heartless robots.

I have been unfriended over the years by a few people that I thought were close to me. In-laws, friends since elementary, and the first friend you reconnected with on Facebook after many years of no communication. Gems in your world, you would think. I thought those were all solid relationships but nope, apparently a few posts of opinions and BAM, you are deleted! Just that simple and life moves on. No explanation, no working it out, no problem solving… just done!

Did those deletes hurt? Hell, yes! I still think about some to this day. We have many mutual friends on social media and you see they posted but can’t see who it is or what was said. Just that a comment exists and well, by a blocked buddy. Nice! Or just unfriended and you are able to still see their comments. That just relives the hurt every time.

But hey, I am opinionated. I say what I feel and call people out. Not all the time. Just if I’m passionate about something. Well, they don’t like it. What’s funny to me is they say I am opinionated and too strong but it’s because I don’t believe what they do. I’m not supporting THEIR opinion. So if I don’t support them, then I’m too much and need to go. Yet, they are just as opinionated or it wouldn’t matter. But instead of agreeing to disagree ……. Bye-bye.

I post positive posts. I love to motivate, inspire, get people thinking on new levels, and keep them moving forward. I have been criticized for that too. ‘Do goody good bullshit’ is what someone said I post. Tired of looking at that crap. I’ve been called Pollyanna. I was deleted for not being real and life isn’t THAT good. So I can give my opinion and fight back a little and get ousted, I can be too positive and motivational and get ousted, or they just don’t like me and delete.

It’s hard for me not to take it personal because it’s against me. So, this is my advice to you. Don’t take it personal!!! If you get deleted, wish them well and move on. If you are hurt by it, let it sink in, think about ways to learn from it, and then move on. We don’t need to try to win them back. If they don’t want you, you don’t need them.

Think about how much you saw them in person. How does it alter your life that you are not on their social media? It’s mostly a mental state of rejection. Physically it hurts you none! So feel a pinch of pain, wipe that shadow away, put on a smile on that beautiful face, and post with your head high! Stay connected with those who do enjoy being friends with you! Right now, they are the ones that matter.

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